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About us

Our goal is to increase environmental remediation by raising industry standards in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, gymnasium, restaurants, public transportation, casinos, cruise ships, shopping centers, animal hospitals, aquariums, groomers, window cleaning, health spas, daycares, golf courses, marinas, vineyards, hops farms, your home and more!

Zymeaffect will greatly reduce and in some circumstances eliminate chemical use to better our environment for animals, you and most importantly our future generations. 

Our enzymes are derived from plant and mineral extracts and manufactured in the USA.  Zymeaffect contains the highest dose of enzymes possible with the best combination on the market allowing you as our customer to achieve the best results possible!

Why haven’t you heard of Zymeaffect before this?  We have rebranded and taken the product into higher level of production to meet the needs of our growing customer base. This has allowed us to sell smaller quantities to smaller businesses and households without compromising our top rated highly concentrated blend of enzymes that has been used for 30 years by many successful commercial companies. Chemical companies monopolize the United States in many ways! Zymeaffect is 100% all natural and we are here to help you fight back and make the United States one step closer to 100% All Natural!  Let us reduce the chemicals and extra costs in your life!

As you read further into the uses of Zymeaffect keep in mind every application and every bucket of water you dump daily end up in our water system. When you dump buckets or residual spray of Zymeaffect will end up continuing to have a positive affect and enhance everywhere it touches. Such as water pipes, lakes, soil, waste water treatment plants etc.