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This page contains: What is Zymeaffect, photo results, dosage, application methods, and technical specs.

Zymeaffect concentrated enzyme and surfactant combination are 100% all natural products and work by allowing the good bacteria to reproduce 10,000 times faster than mother nature. Good bacteria will break down organic waste into simple salts, water, and C02 gas resulting in eliminating stains, waste, odors, etc. While the same product acts as a biopesticide eliminating such insects as bed bugs, lanternflies, fleas, etc. Purchase today and watch the results! Clean, Degrease, Eliminate Odors, Kill Unwanted Insects, and so much more!

Zymeaffect added to water used for daily cleaning, pest control, etc. ends up in our water system and will continue to have a positive affect and enhance everywhere it touches. Such as water pipes, lakes, soil, waste water treatment plants etc. Join us in cleaning up water sources everywhere just simply by using Zymeaffect in your daily life and business!

Odor eliminator:  Eliminate odors such as urine, sweat, diesel fuel, trash, mold, mildew, or any other smells! Use on any surface that can have water applied indoors/outdoors, can also be added to laundry and skin. Hunters, mechanics, people working with contaminates or sewage etc. can wash hands to eliminate odors and waste. Avoid eye contact. If odor persists in any application reapply and increase dosage as needed.

Degreaser: Cuts through layers of stubborn grease and oil and dissolves so that grime cannot redeposit while cleaning. The broad based enzyme solution cuts the exposed fat and oil so that it cannot re-form on surfaces or in a waste stream. For degreasing applications it can be used anywhere from commercial kitchen surfaces, floors and grease traps, industrial production facilities, parts degreasing applications, and more. Can also be used for washing hands.

Cleaner:  Due to this product being a concentrate you can control the strength you need to tackle ANY mess!  Use Zymeaffect alone or mix with whatever you currently use!

Carpets, Mattresses, Furniture: Zymeaffect broad based enzyme and surfactant blend penetrates deep into carpet fibers and work together to release foreign deposits and odors allowing them to be carried away.  It degrades odor-causing soils and removes the residue typically left behind. The result is a consistently clean and odor-free carpet. Prevents fading and extends carpet life. For use on mattresses, pillows, or furniture for stains such as blood, urine, drool as well as skin shed, mites, bedbugs, etc.

Restaurant kitchen floor in front of fryers. To ensure before and after accuracy the grease build up on floor and grout had been cleaned well before pictures with chemicals used normally at the restaurant. Zymeaffect all natural product first application was 3oz/gallon of water in mop bucket. Soaked floor entirely for 15 min and started scrubbing with deck brush, following with mop from same mop bucket. Scrubbing effort was minimal. Floor has since been maintained using 1oz/gallon with regular mopping. No more scrubbing. Cut down on labor cost and eliminated floor chemicals.

Floors:  Designed for everyday use on ceramic, vinyl, hardwood, concrete or any water-safe surface. Zymeaffect concentrated enzymes outperforms standard chemical cleaners by breaking down surface grease and grime on contact.  Long after the initial application, cleaning continues at the molecular level enabling floors to be kept cleaner longer by removing embedded soil from floor surface pores, grout and cracks. Floors regularly treated with Zymeaffect controls odors and reduces workplace floor slippage.

Deadbugs:  The #1 all natural biopesticide used to kill bugs! Just spray and watch Zymeaffect break down the chitin of exoskeleton arthropods causing death on contact. Simply apply indoor/outdoor, commercial or residential to eliminate lanternflies, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, spiders, roaches, lice (a few drops can be added to shampoos for humans or pets just avoid eye contact) any other exoskeleton bug or insect! Can be applied to everything from mattresses, floors, walls, laundry, pet sleeping areas, trees, vineyards, boats, etc. No need to have a chemical license to purchase this concentrated all natural product and no limit to how often it can be applied. You can control the amount of concentrate needed to eliminate your bug problem.

Added bonus of skin contact – it will break down any skin shed and also fight bacteria that can cause skin irritation on your pets/animals (so gentle it can be used in your pedicure and manicures). Avoid eye contact and do not digest.

Compost Piles:  Zymeaffect uses a high concentrate formula of enzymes to break down organic material at a faster pace than mother nature. This process mimics how worms and fungi break down your compost pile.  Once the enzymes work both above and below the compost turns to dirt and will have a faster result and the best fertilizer known as humus.

Vineyards, Orchards, Hops Farms, Crops etc:  Farmers using this product see higher yield of crops, less mold, mildew and decay, and the added bonus of natural insect control is happening at the same time. Zymeaffect enhances aggregation making soil loose and very friable, improving soil structure which makes it easier for plant roots to grow by providing them with better access to nutrients, water and most importantly oxygen and higher yield of product. Zymeaffect product can be applied using current technique and can be added with the chemicals you already spray.  A huge benefit compared to chemical application is there is no limit to how much or how often you can spray and you will benefit from killing insects, deterring mold and mildew, and enhancing your soil.  Over time you will see amazing results and your need for chemicals will become MUCH less! There is also the option of our enzymes added directly to your water source such as underwater holding tanks or ponds. This has dual purpose in keeping the tank free from bad bacteria and/or removing sludge from the bottom of the pond. There are many enzyme choices on the market, however ours is comprised of the highest concentrate formula possible. The amount you need to mix will be less, in turn saving you an even greater amount of money.  Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Golf Courses: By using Zymeaffect it will have everyone asking how your golf course looks so amazing! Start off slowly and let us set up a plan on how to introduce our product to your Golf Course. Over time our product will save you money and reduce chemical use helping surrounding water supplies and the overall environment. Zymeaffect will loosen the soil, and allow grass to grow by providing them with better access to nutrients, water and most importantly oxygen. In the process it will control unwanted insects and bugs. Control mold and mildew and help choke out unwanted weeds. Add Zymeaffect H20 to your water source, such as ponds or underground water tanks and see the benefits of the product in multiple ways! Sprayer orifices and machines will benefit from using Zymeaffect and cut back on maintenance costs. Contact our company to assist with the best product purchase for your specific application.

Spills or Contaminated Sites:  For spills such as diesel fuel, oil, trash, chemicals of any size from your backyard or garage, or as large as underground tanks that need cleaned up Zymeaffect all natural enzyme product will do the job! Contact us for assistance

Dosage Recommendations

APPLIANCES & EQUIPMENT:  1 – 3 oz per gallon of water. 

​FLOORS, HARD SURFACES, CONCRETE:  1 – 2 oz per gallon of water. 

PARTS CLEANER & DEGREASER:  3 – 4 oz per gallon of water. 

CARPET CLEANING MACHINE/MECHANICAL FLOOR APPLICATOR:  0.5 – 1.5 oz per gallon of water.  Follow machine instructions. Low foam and fragrance free.

CERAMIC TILE, VINYL, HARDWOOD:  0.5 – 1.5 oz per gallon of water. 

DEADBUGS: 2 oz per gallon – all insects direct application (adjust amount as you need for the results you want to achieve) can be applied to all furniture, bedding, laundry, walls, boats, trees, vineyard, etc.

SHAMPOO: Add a few drops into the shampoo you currently use on kids, adults and animals to eliminate head lice or use on animals to eliminate fleas, ticks, etc. Animals can also be sprayed with dilution of .05 oz per gallon of water or increase as needed for better results. Avoid eye contact

Application Methods

  • spray bottle
  • mop or cleaning buckets
  • small or large hand pump sprayer
  • foggers, misters, tankers, etc
  • carpets can be sprayed, and/or added into floor cleaning machines
  • any current method of application



     pH Range:         3.25 – 4.20
     Fragrance:       None Added
     Appearance:   Translucent Amber Liquid

For Optimum Results: 

  • Increase contact time for improved results
  • Mix with warm water
  • Apply multiple times for old or heavy build up
  • Scrub brush for deeper cleaning
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Store in cool, dry area
  • Do not freeze or exceed 120 Degrees
  • Depending upon application this product does not have to be rinsed off.

For best results, use product within 12 months.