100% All Natural Product With Many Uses

H 2 0   P U R I F I E R

A L L   P U R P O S E  C L E A N E R



H2O Purifier

100% natural way to purify water!

Zymeaffect H2O Purifier is a Commercial Water Treatment made up of natural enzymes derived from plant and mineral extracts. The natural enzyme formula in this product duplicates nature’s ability to balance and clarify the water in your commercial pool, water park, wave pools, lakes, waterways, virtual water, sewage treatment plants, etc. making it the ideal all-natural water treatment system for crystal clear, clean-smelling, healthy water. These all-natural plant-based enzymes are derived from a complex and highly regulated fermentation process.​

  • Breaks down organic waste, sunscreen, lotion, dead skin, oils, sweat, urine, feces, fats, detergents, dirt, pollen, etc.
  • Enhances water clarity and reduces chlorine use and cost.
  • Prolongs life of filters and equipment.
  • Controls blue-green algae, sludge, organic and plant matter, fish excrement, etc.
  • Benefits everything the water source touches and feeds.


Kills insects on contact!

The #1 all natural biopesticide used to kill bugs! Just spray and watch Zymeaffect break down the chitin of exoskeleton arthropods causing death on contact. Simply apply indoor/outdoor, commercial or residential to eliminate lanternflies, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, spiders, roaches, lice (a few drops can be added to shampoos for humans or pets just avoid eye contact) any other exoskeleton bug or insect! Can be applied to everything from mattresses, floors, walls, laundry, pet sleeping areas, trees, vineyards, boats, etc. No need to have a chemical license to purchase this concentrated all natural product and no limit to how often it can be applied. You can control the amount of concentrate needed to eliminate your bug problem.

Bed bugs – Lanternflies – Lice – Fleas – Ticks – Mites – Spiders – Roaches – Stinkbugs – Ants & more 

All Purpose

Eliminate odors, stains and grime!

ZymeAffect concentrated enzyme and surfactant combination are 100% all natural products and work by allowing the good bacteria to reproduce 10,000 times faster than mother nature. Good bacteria will break down organic waste into simple salts, water, and C02 gas resulting in eliminating stains, waste, odors, etc. Zymeaffect will greatly reduce and in some circumstances eliminate chemical use to better our environment for animals, you and most importantly our future generations. 

Daily dirt – Urine – Feces – Blood – Sweat – Skin shed – Diesel fuel – Mold – Mildew – Sludge & more


Helps plants grow!

Farmers using this product see higher yield of crops, less mold, mildew and decay, and the added bonus of natural insect control is happening at the same time. Zymeaffect enhances aggregation making soil loose and very friable, improving soil structure which makes it easier for plant roots to grow by providing them with better access to nutrients, water and most importantly oxygen and higher yield of product. Zymeaffect product can be applied using current technique and can be added with the chemicals you already spray.  A huge benefit compared to chemical application is there is no limit to how much or how often you can spray and you will benefit from killing insects, deterring mold and mildew, and enhancing your soil.

Lawns – Vineyards – Hops – Orchards – Golf courses – Compost piles – Chicken coops – Farm manure – Gravel pits – Dump sites – RV toilets – Spills & more

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What can ZymeAffect H2O Purifier do for your Commercial Pool or Water Park?

This commercial pool filter was ready to be discarded. In order to show what ZymeAffect can do we soaked half the filter in ZymeAffect H2O Purifier for 6 hours and rinsed with regular spray faucet. Using ZymeAffect in your commercial pool or water park will reduce chlorine use and save your facility money while providing people with a safer environment. 

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Our goal is to increase environmental remediation by raising industry standards in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, gymnasium, restaurants, public transportation, casinos, cruise ships, shopping centers, animal hospitals, aquariums, groomers, window cleaning, health spas, daycares, golf courses, marinas, vineyards, hops farms, your home and more!