Apply Product on Pets, Farm animals, and their surroundings

Zyme-A-Pet will solve multiple problem areas on your farms, and at your home.  This multi-use enzyme can be used directly on your pets as well as surfaces. Harmless to humans, pets, environment. Topical use only.  Eliminate feces, urine, odors, stains, mold, mildew as well as kill exoskeleton insects such as fleas, ticks, etc.  Product does not need rinsed and makes an excellent product for show animals as well as traveling.   Zyme-A-Pet is excellent for barn stalls, floors, grass or any other surface to cut odors, break down urine, feces, etc. 


Zyme-A-Pet all natural enzyme concentrate that is completely harmless on contact to people, animals and the environment. With an average cost of $5.00/gallon, once product is mixed with water! Product ratio/cost will vary depending on the use and size of container purchasing. This concentrated product will eliminate chemicals, take up less space, travels well, has a measuring dispenser incorporated into the bottle for easy use in the 16 oz and 67 oz bottle.  

Topical use for pets and animals


  • Skin disorder will heal naturally, and with continued use will help prevent reoccurance. 
  • Showing your pets? Spray or wipe on pets directly to remove dirt without rinsing. Fur will be hinny and softer than ever! 
  • With multiple use dirt, feces, urine, etc. will be naturally repelled making it easier for future washing. 
  • Odors are GONE! You will love how odors are eliminated from your pets and farm animals. 
  • Any exoskelaton insects on your aimals will be elimated on contact with the enzymes. See the biopesticide section of our website for more details on biopecticide use. 

Surface use inside and outside houses, farms, etc.


  • Can be sprayed on any surface water can be applied. 
  • Use on bedding areas indoor and outdoors to remove odors, stains and eliminate unwanted insects such as fleas, ticks, bots, etc. 
  • Laundry for pets or people to remove odors and stains. 
  • Use on any surface to eliminate feces, urine, blood etc. 
  • Breaks down dead organic matter, such as manure in stalls or arenas. Excellent on wood, cement, block, etc.
  • Eliminates mold and mildew, and prevents reattaching. 
  • With continued use will create a barrier that will keep all of these problems from reattaching as easily in the future. 
  • Run-off product to surrounding surfaces and land will benefit what the enzymes touch. 
  • Farmers can spray fields and manure piles to break down nitrates.
  • See our turf section if you have Turf at your home, farm, or business.   



  • For all application on animals: 2oz mixed with one gallon of water.
  • When adding to spray bottle or into shampoo add approximately one oz. per washing 
  • Killing fleas or insects may require a higher dose depending on the level of infestation. Rinse pet if using more than 4oz per gallon
  • Surfaces use 2 -4oz per gallon of water. Used in buckets, spray applicators of any size. Increase or decrease as needed.
  • Tough areas may require 6 – 8oz per gallon of water when used on stalls penetrating wood or concrete for odors and stains. 
  • Visit the about tab for further details on technical specs and other dosage details. 
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