The #1 all natural biopesticide used to kill bugs! Mix this highly concentrated product with water, average is 2oz. per gallon. Spray indoors and/or outdoor.  Product is a concentrate so you control the strength depending upon the bug and infestation level. Zyme-A-Bug breaks down the chitin of exoskeleton insects, killing them on contact! Insects with harder shells may take longer to die or require greater concentrate. Harmless to people, pets, and the environment.


Kills Exoskeleton Insects on Contact

  • Bedbug
  • Flea
  • Lice
  • Spider
  • Spotted Lanternfly
  • Tick
  • and more!



All indoor and outdoor surfaces: 

Safe for any surface that water can be applied to! Simply add 2 – 4oz to one gallon of water and apply with any convenient method. 

Example: spray bottle, backpack pump sprayer, carpet shampoo machine, bucket/mop, etc.


  • Safe, all-natural, can be used both residential and commercial. No chemical license needed. 
  • No wait time for people or pets to clear an area. 
  • Spray as often as necessary.
  • You can control the amount of concentrate needed to eliminate your bug problem. Insects with harder shells will require higher doses.
  • Apply to anything that water can touch.
  • Examples: mattresses, floors, walls, laundry, pet sleeping areas, trees, vineyards, boats, any problem areas. 

Vineyard, Orchards, etc: 

Please call us at 804-369-9637. Your spray options and ratio may vary. Speak to a representative for further assistance.



Pets: eliminating fleas on pets, simply add a few drops to shampoo and avoid eye contact (higher PH may cause eye irritation). Washing a larger dog can take up to a few ounces to get good coverage.  Product can also be sprayed onto a dry animal and does not need rinsed. Use the average ratio of 2oz per gallon of water. 


People: Excellent all natural product to eliminate lice. Simply add to your favorite shampoo. Avoid eye contact, rinse eyes with water if necessary. Be sure to follow regular lice steps such as using a lice comb, washing all bedding, etc. 




Boats and Marinas – This is the ideal product for your spider situation both on your boat and the docks! Spray EVERYWHERE with no worries to the environment! ZymeAffect products are CHEMICAL FREE and environmentally beneficial.  Any run-off into the water will benefit the water, ecosystem, and your boat with no harm to marine life!


Gyms, Restaurants, Public Transit, etc: Set a schedule and spray periodically! Not only will you knock the spider problem down, but you will also lessen the risk of bedbugs, lice, etc. having an opportunity of infesting your facility. Incase unwanted insects hitchhike into your facility on your patron’s clothes, gym bags, etc. spray as often as needed. If you have an infestation you may need to call an exterminator and it may require chemicals. However, this 100% all natural biopesticide is capable of completely conquering tough insect situations and can save your facility money!


Hotels/Malls/Shopping Centers/Grocery Stores, etc.:  No more waiting until your facility is closed. Spray outside and inside for fleas, spiders, bed bugs, spotted lanternflies, etc. Harmless to humans and pets. Use on mattresses, curtains, carpets, hard floors, walls, use in laundry, use outside anywhere! 


Vineyards, Orchards, etc:  can be added to your current spray tanks and used as a biopesticide directly sprayed onto vines, trees, etc. 

Spotted Lanternfly
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