apply to Artificial turf or grass, indoor/outdoor, commercial/residential

As kids play and roll on turf or grass and your dog’s walk across it and do their business, how do you keep them safe?  Zyme-A-Turf all natural enzyme concentrate will break down organic matter such as urine, feces, sweat, mold, mildew, etc.  You will find your turf clean and odor free. Added benefit the enzymes will also kill fleas, bedbugs, spiders and other exoskeleton insects.  This concentrate enzyme solution is the strongest on the market for residential and commercial applications. Its unique formula allows any runoff from outdoor turf to grass, pools, concrete, gardens, etc. to also benefit from the product.



  • Urine, feces, sweat, blood, etc. are not just covered up, they are broken down and eliminated. 
  • Lightens/eliminates stains and helps prevent new ones from occurring.
  • Eliminates mold and mildew. With continued applications prevents the mold and mildew from reattaching. 
  • No limit on how often you can apply.
  • Product does not need rinsed. 
  • No need for chemical license – product is 100% natural.
  • No risk to the person applying the product.
  • Kills spiders, fleas, lice and other exoskelaton insects on contact. 

Locations - anywhere there is turf or grass!

  • Athletic Fields 
  • Dog Exercise Facilities
  • Golf Greens
  • Kids Play Areas
  • Lawns
  • Pet Restroom Areas
  • Schools/Recreational Facilities
  • Surrounding Pools


Zyme-A-Turf is chemical free and can be applied using any method, either rinsed off or left on. It is even safe to touch the concentrated product, will not harm skin. Safe for People, Pets and the Environment. Use on any grass or turf surface. commercial or residential, indoors/outdoors


  • Mop and Bucket
  • Spray Bottles
  • Backpack Sprayer
  • Compressor Sprayers
  • Turf Cleaning Machines
  • Irrigation Systems


This product is a high level, all natural concentrate 

Mix with water at a ratio from 2oz – 6oz per gallon of water.

Simple daily application removing light odors and simple dirt, start with 2oz/gallon of water. 

Breaking down and tackling larger problems with urine, feces, and stains 4-6oz/gallon of water.


How often should I apply?  However often is needed. Zyme-A-Turf will continue to work as long as it is wet. It will also activate when it gets wet again.  If you have any questions please feel free to call and speak with one of our representatives. 1-814-ENZYMES (814-369-9637)

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