Zyme-A-Pool is a Commercial Water Treatment made up of natural enzymes derived from plant and mineral extracts. This product has been used and trusted by hotels, YMCA’s and waterparks in the US for 30 years. The natural enzyme formula in this product duplicates nature’s ability to balance and clarify the water in your commercial pool, water park, wave pools, lakes, waterways, virtual water, sewage treatment plants, etc. making it the ideal all-natural water treatment system for crystal clear, clean-smelling, healthy water. These all-natural plant-based enzymes are derived from a complex and highly regulated fermentation process. Zyme-A-Pool is the HIGHEST CONCENTRATE Enzyme available on the market! Use Less – Save More!


Locations to use Zyme-A-Pool

  • Commercial Pools
  • Wave Pools
  • Water Parks
  • Water Attractions
  • Dog Diving Pools
  • Commercial Fountains

How does Zyme-A-Pool Purifier work?



This all-natural commercial water treatment contains a full array of non-bacterial enzymes that can be found in a healthy body of natural water. Zyme-A-Pool breaks down organic waste (i.e. sunscreen lotion, dead skin, oils, sweat, urine, feces, fats, detergents, dirt, pollen, etc.) into simple salts, water, and CO2 gas, making the waste disappear. This process enables much faster natural bio-oxidation. Zyme-A-Pool also contains special all-natural agents to protect your pool from minerals and metals that may damage equipment and surfaces. The enzymes take over all of the heavy lifting, which frees up chlorine to do what it is good at: sanitizing. This in turn this DRASTICALLY reduces the amount of chlorine needed. Instantly improving air quality by reducing chloramines. Other benefits are the long term savings in filtration systems, surfaces, labor, utilities, etc.

Zyme-A-Pool, combined with filtration, aeration and circulation in the pool mimics the rhythms of a natural body of water and ensures that the system stays clean and healthy between swimmers.


  • Drastically reduce chloramines
  • Naturally clean filters
  • Turn filtration systems into healthy ecosystems
  • Eliminate shock
  • Reduce amount of chlorine needed to maintain levels
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Slow deterioration of heating units, filters, hoses, orifices, compressors, fans, flooring materials, seals on slides and pipes, slide surfaces, life jackets and more
  • Clean surfaces the water continues to touch after it leaves the pool
  • Incase of an underground leak it is not harmful to soil or ground water.


Simple to add to your existing system: 

Application: Mix the correct dose into a bucket of pool water and dump around the edges of pool. Or an automatic dispensing system can deliver the product to minimize labor.

Startup/Opening pool: To open or start your commercial pool, add 2oz per 16,000 gallons of commercial pool water for first two weeks.

Weekly dose: 1oz per 16,000 gallons of water. Test as you normally would test pool levels. You can reduce amount of product if pool is closed or bathing load is very minimal, or slightly increase dose if bather load is predicted to be very heavy.

To close the pool: add 2oz. per 16,000 gallons of water for two weeks before closing and winterizing. Nothing else needed.

Example of product cost: One year supply for 50,000 gallon pool will cost approximately $400.00. Increase or decrease in bather loads may vary cost slightly.



As chemists, we are both well aware of the possible unwanted side effects of treatment with either chlorinating or brominating agents. These strong chemicals do their job, but often at a high cost. They can cause skin irritation for sensitive individuals, and their reaction with nitrogen containing pollutants generates the strongly unpleasant odors of chloramines and bromamides. The natural enzymes in Zyme-A-Pool eliminate both of these problems and provide clean, clear water with much less of the fuss and expense of strong oxidizing treatment. Not only is it less irritating and less expensive it is also much simpler to use. We encourage others to use this product.

Mike McGrath Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from MIT & Alice Deckert Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Stanford and Chair of the Chemistry Department at Allegheny College.

As the aquatics director I am responsible for the day to day maintenance of the pool. We have been using your Enzyme product for over 7 months to date. We are super pleased with this product. We have many comments from our members about the quality of the water, the taste, and the smell. A few members have even commented that their swimsuit material sees to be lasting longer.

As a facility manager I have noticed the stains on the bottom of the pool lighten or even disappear., The cost of our chemicals have dropped considerably, due to being able to keep the chlorine level lower than it used to be maintained at.

I would definitely be a spokesperson for your product.
Sincerely, Lisa Cox YMCA of Corry

“I have been a lifelong member of the Corry YMCA. With two of our children on the YMCA swim team, we are in the pool on a daily basis. The recent switch, adding Zyme-A-Pool H20 Purifier has been a blessing. The chlorine smell is gone, and it is much easier on our skin, eyes, and suits. We love it!”

J.T. and Louise Colwell, Corry PA

I am the owner of The Dog Tank in Minnesota, And also run a mobile dock for North America Diving Dogs. I found this product and decided to give it a try. I have used it in my facility pool to help keep the water cleaner and use less chlorine as my pool is used for dogs doing dock diving. I have also used it to clean my paper filters on my mobile dock. What I have found is awesome! With the facility I have been able to maintain clear water, my sand filters have been cleaning far quicker and maintenance has been way less. As far as the mobile the paper filters are getting way cleaner after soaking them and are lasting way longer. All around an awesome product that does what it say. As far as the price, I have bought 1 bottle for my pool and it has lasted 6 months so the overall cost is way cheaper then the amount of money I would have spent keeping it clean without it.

Thank you,

Steve Powell
The Dog Tank
[email protected]

  • “Customers are telling us they notice a huge difference in air quality!”
  • “We no longer have to backwash, and it saves us money!”
  • “Our YMCA has been able to save money on filters and labor costs!”
  • “The chlorine smell is gone! It is much easier on our skin, eyes and suits. We love it!”
  • “Pool members tell us all the time how the taste and smell of the water is outstanding.”
  • “We are happy swimming in less chemicals and our skin feels so much better!”
  • “Stains on the bottom of the pool lightened and some dissappeared!”

Commercial Pool Filter

Zyme-A-Pool can extend the life of your commercial pool filter. This example shows how a filter that was ready to be discarded was soaked in a bucket at a ratio of 4oz to a gallon of water for 6 hours. And could be reused.

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